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Saturday, I didn't know if it was because all the tourists were out or because it was a beautiful day or what - traffic across the Bay Bridge at 1pm was worse then the usual weekday morning mess. I do have fastrak and when I finally managed to get to the lane, it was clear sailing across the bridge, but just getting to the lane!!!! Oy! It took an hour to get into the City.

Met up with swedishsis at the H & M store at Union Square. (She was in town for a PA convention.) She had managed to find everything except for the Recchuiti Chocolate. I had no idea where it was, so I called The Chocolate Guru for info. Joey said we could find it at the Ferry Building. Took the tram to the Ferry Building - you know it's sad when the out of town person knows more about how to take public transport than the "local" person".

Did a bit of shopping - got the required chocolate. I don't think I've ever shopped there before. All I'd done was use the restrooms while waiting for the ferry. We grabbed some drinks, found a bench in the sun and yakked for about an hour. Took the tram back to Thuy's hotel (across from the Orpheum Theatre) to drop off stuff and then back to the Metreon for dinner followed by X:Men - The Last Stand. Had a very enjoyable, but quick, visit!

Sunday, I got an email asking me to take the kids to taiko class as K had to go to a funeral and G had a nagging headache. Alani is a bit young for the class - one hour is a bit too long for her attention span. She did okay. Kyle had a blast. By the end of class, Auntie Debbie had pretty much learned the basic of the festival drum beat too.

Kids deserved a treat, so I took them to Tucker's for ice cream. Alani chose the blue ice cream. Bubblegum. Ended up eating half because she wanted to chew the gum instead. Kyle happily at the rest. Kyle had ordered vanilla... what happened to chocolate mint? I was torn between the Rosenblum zin and rocky road. Rocky Road won. Did get a cheerful acknowledgement from owner - we did try and keep his wine glass filled the weekend before.

Meds had knocked out G, so kids and I had a low key afternoon. Made udon for dinner and then we watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. G put kids to bed and they both were out asap. Must have been all the drumming =)

Need to go to the chapel tomorrow - was going to go today, but it got pre-empted by the taiko class.

Have to pick up Faith's farewell gift too.

G's got a BBQ for Memorial Day planned. I think it's at 1pm
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