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May. 27th, 2006

Yesterday, got to put on a hard hat again and revisit the cinema center across the street. Last time I visited, it was just a big pit...

The building is up and Cost Plus opened up on May 4th. (danger Will Robinson!!!)

The Century theatre (20 screens!) is supposed to open in July. Oy. They have a LOT of work to do still. It was very cool to wander through all the back passageways & rooms - stuff that I'll probably never see again. There are actually offices underneath the theatre stadium seating. All the theatres have been roughed in, and most of the soundproofing has been installed. "squeee!!"

Pumps in the garage pump out 250 gallons of water a minute. 2nd level of the garage is 26 feet underground, though the rest of the foundation goes down another 30 feet? The center rests on what was Redwood Creek...

Did most of the tour without contacts. Had to pop them out while we doing the perimeter tour. They had been sandblasting the tile on the walls/ground with fine black sand. T'was windy, and the particules were everywhere. Ugh. Eyes were NOT happy.

This morning, G, Kyle & Alani headed out to Kyle's soccer game. 9am game which meant that we should have left by 8am. We got there around quarter to and still managed to be among the first ones there.

I think they lost about 6-1. Kyle got to play goalie for a quarter - his first time. He enjoys chasing the ball better.

S met us at the game and there was a transfer of kids. Dropped G off at her friend's place and then I went to cult gym.

Walked in the door to hear swedishsis leaving a message on the answering machine. eeep! Picked up and we're meeting up after lunch!

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