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You know when it's going to be one of those days when:

  • You wake up around 3am, feeling queasy

  • You've finally gone back to sleep, only to be woken up around 4am by particularly obnoxious sounding car alarm

  • You go to pick up the gift cards at Albertson's and they again have no idea about your order. It's not the first time, nor even the second time... If they don't have the cards, then not all the cards are validated and you end up with upset coworkers. I wasted almost 30 minutes in the store and I still don't have the cards!

  • You put the first two quarters in the parking meter, and the meter registers "failure" and eats them. I ended up hitting the meter to get the coins to clear. Still lost money.

  • You find out the webmaster is out with a stomach bug and you wonder about that queasy feeling...

Can I just go home? Crawl under the sheets and pull the covers over my head?
Tags: life

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