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Yay for new keyboard!!! Of course I couldn't find the less expensive ones, so the new one cost $60. *sigh* Must be careful...

I couldn't even log into email because a few of the required keys did not work.

In the last week or so, I...

Last Sunday, I was a bit insane. I had just finished Relay for Life and then instead of going home to sleep like a good girl, I met up with herefox and went to Great America instead. As it was Mother's Day, the park wasn't too crowded - wait times were minimal. Got thoroughly soaked on Rip Roaring Rapids. I think I ducked enough so that Foxy got majority of the splash on the log ride. Love riding Top Gun in the front row. =)

Did NOT eat at Sponge Bob's pizza place. We were bad and had a early lunch at the fried chicken place. No cartoons!!!!

We were pretty much done by 3:30. Back to Foxy's for some KR - where I promptly kept dozing off. Not a good sign. Dinner at Fiesta Del Mar.

Work... I'll cover that in a separate post.

Usual Tuesday night American Idol madness. *sigh* My boy Elliot went home on Wednesday. I'm voting for Taylor.

Friday, I managed to kill my keyboard by spilling diet pepsi on it.
I also managed to puncture my thumb. I was putting up one of those ceiling swag hooks on the porch for the wind chimes. Kept twisting the hook into the wood. It got harder and harder to turn and I put too much pressure on the hook and *wham*! Broken hook. Poor thumb. *sigh* Thumb is very tender and I keep banging it on things.

I did a third thing bad, but I can't remember what I did.

Saturday, met up with trektone and had dim sum at Peony in Oakland. The food was tasty, but the variety was missing. It could be we got there too early (10:30 - they open at 10). Most of my usual stuff never made it around, so I tried a bunch of other things - loved the turnip rolls!

Next, on to Rosenblum's for their quarterly open house. Tried a bunch of things - I still like their dessert wines the best - probably because most everything else is zin. Figured out that the finish on the Desiree chocolate port is like moi - chinese preserved plum - which I like. Spent part of the afternoon making sure the Tucker's ice cream guy had wine... Have to keep the ice cream guy happy. The wine for this batch came from Annette's Reserve zin.

Done with wine. What next? Movies. Specifically The DaVinci Code. I had the read the book when it first came out, so a lot of the details are fuzzy. Wasn't sure what to expect as critics at the Cannes Film Festival panned it. I did enjoy it - Joey was afraid he'd fall asleep through it - but it kept both of use wide awake. There was no squirming through the almost 3 hour movie either. Need to reread the book.

Stupid people who TALK ON THEIR DAMN PHONES in the theatre should be punted into the bay...

Dinner at the New Zealander in Alameda - it's where Croll's used to be. Trying to talk over the jazz quartet was a bit difficult. We tried several different pot pies - mince (my favorite), chicken and mushroom (Joey's favorite) and the spinach/feta (not good - spice combination + mooshy spinach - bad).

Picked up this week's veggies at the Farmer's Market. Broccoli, daikon, asparagus, artichokes, boulani, shiitake & button mushrooms for me - asparagus, strawberries and cherries for G & K. Made it home before the rain hit.
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