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Friday, Liz and I went to Barceluna and had tapas for dinner. Fish tacos, duck tacos (hey trektone! They were good!!!), calamari fritos, and wild mushroom empanadas (YUM!). Got to hear all about her trip to the Netherlands - her first trip out of the US! She and her sister had a great time.

Saturday was Relay for Life. Got to the site around 9:30. Got my tent pitched and then it was time for Opening Ceremonies. It was a lovely day - pretty perfect weather - very sunny, but there was a constant breeze so it never got hot.

K & G stopped by and we all walked for a couple of hours together. Kids were with S, so it just the "sisters". Had a quick snack at Jamba Juice and then had dinner at the Hawaiian Drive In. Kahlua Pork and spam musubi!!!

They stayed through the Luminaria ceremony. Mom's luminaria had yellow roses painted on it - her favorite. Coworker Denise did some lovely painted bags - she even did them to order on site. Found everybody's luminaria except cousin Irene's. Half the ones that were supposed to say "In Memory of" said "In Honor of". Oh well - it's better than having the ones that should have said "In Honor of" saying "In Memory of".

Vicki's luminaria was at the stone benches beneath the Sequoia. Mom's was at the turn after the main gate, partially hidden by the fox tails. Found all others after the turn just above our campsite - except for Irene's!!!

I was never so happy to see Joe then at 3am - I had been walking 4 hours out of the last 5 and I was tired. 10pm person never showed and he was supposed to walk from 10 to midnight, so I did that one. Corinne did the midnight to 1am and I did 1am to 3am.

I got a whole 3 1/2 hours sleep - 6:30am and a hoard of kids was up and about.

Some random thoughts/observations:
  • Some bird screeched almost through the entire event - guess we were trespassing in his territory.
  • Lots of teens - the high school had a big team - they were up very late - lots of giggling.
  • As I was walking under a tree, I heard an electric guitar. Looked up - teen was up in the Y of a tree. The guitar had a very long amp cord.
  • Full moon - very peaceful. Got lots of thinking done.
  • There is a reason why dogs aren't allowed on campus. Walking to the porto-potties, I passed by a huge smooshed pile of dog poo. Ick Ick Ick. I was doing very well until then. I had been walking on grass for the past 20 hours and not freaking. Kids had been playing soccer right there. GRRR Irresponsible Dog Owners!!!
  • Tried very hard to stay hydrated (cramps are bad), but also tried not to drink too much as there were only porto-potties.
  • Sharkie visited - he was riding on one of those two wheelie things that have fantastic gyroscopes so it doesn't fall over.
  • The Police team decorated their site with lots of crime "do not cross" tape.
  • Firefighters grilled burgers, hot dogs and chicken breasts for lunch and dinner. They did pancakes for breakfast.
  • On one part of the soccer field, the word "HOPE" was spelled out in luminarias. Sometime during the night, it was changed to "CURE".

K had made me a bento box of onigiri and salami. Great breakfast!

As of Closing Ceremonies, the total amount raised was over 94K. Several pledges had been made and weren't included in the total - one pledge was for 6K. Event coordinator was sure that the total would be going way over 100K!!! YAY!!!!!
Tags: friends, relay for life

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