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Bits and pieces and a meme

Sunday, K & I hit the Farmers' Market at Jack London Square. Picked up more daikon, radishes, Indian chutneys (cilantro, garlic cheese, sundried tomato hummus and chana masala) and spinach paratha. Also munched on lumpia and some so-so pancit. I sure miss Mrs. Sonido's pancit. Hers was always so tasty.

Then we went to Costco. where we ran into Auntie Cookie. She's an old family friend - she grew up with my dad. Her late husband, Uncle Jug, was one of Dad's bowling buddies.

You know you're Japanese-American when you've got relatives/friends whose names are odd - Cookie, Jug, Chicken, Spider, P-Wee, Fuzzy, Muts...

We chatted for a bit, and then she said that a bunch of friends had just been talking about Dad. Somebody had mentioned their very strict kibei Japanese school teacher. Another friend mentioned the time that Dad had arrived late for class and was in deep trouble with that teacher.

Teacher asks Dad, "Why are you late?"
Dad replies that he had gotten there as soon as he could and had been playing basketball and that his team had won.
Teacher says "and?"
Dad goes on to say who was on his team and where they had been playing.
Teacher says "and?"
Dad says who was on the other team and the defense and...
Teacher says "and?"
Dad goes on and on...

All the teacher wanted him to say was that he was late because he had been playing basketball...

It was before the war, so I'm thinking that Dad must have been in his early teens. Dad got off easy. The other school teacher? That was Grandma...

I think he and Kyle are a lot alike.

Ah... a Kyle story.

G usually stays with the kids until they fall asleep. Well, it had been a long day and she zonked out too. She was awakened much later when Kyle climbed out of bed. He made it as far as the end of his bed. He lifted up the covers at the end, pulled down his pajamas bottoms and pee'd. G was going "Kyle, what are you doing? Wake up! Oops too late".

We have been nagging him to lift up the toilet seat and all...

("Lift up the seat!" "Put the seat down!" "Flush the toilet." "Wash your hands")

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