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Catch Up

Saturday, trektone and I headed up to the wine country for a day of fun. Much wining and whining... =)

I did not punt Joey out of the car on the way up as we discussed family stuff. I may not always want to hear things, but he is good at seeing things in a different way. It makes me think, though I may not agree. He is also a great person to dump stuff on.

First stop, Biale Vineywards. I still like the Black Chicken zin... (Me like a zin???? OY!)

We were going to go to Blue Pacific Cafe in Yountville for brunch, but they stop serving between 11am and noon. Go figure. Walked down the street to Gordon's. I got the chorizo scramble and Joey got both the savory and sweet bread puddings and the eggs benedict. I tried the bread puddings, but they were a bit too custardy for me.

Walked back to Jessup Cellars. Had a very nice conversation with the lady there (can't remember her name!). Her other job is buying wines for restaurants - she works with the chefs, pairing their food with wines. Sounds like the perfect job for Joey. Great combo of food and wine.

Can't remember the order, but we did go to Plump Jack and Turnbull

Note to self. Don't go to Sattui on a Saturday. It is insane. The only reason why we had to go there is that I needed to pick up last month's and this month's wine of the month shipments. Last month's got returned because I never made it to UPS to pick it up. I have previously mentioned that UPS has lousy customer pick up hours. They're not even OPEN on Saturdays. Asked one of the clerks where I was supposed to go to pick up my wine - he said that he didn't know but he'd find somebody. While I went to stand in line at one of the other check out stands, Joey talked to the guy that the clerk sent over. Okay. Got Wine. Turned out the guy was the president of Sattui =) When everything is crazy, all hands pitch in...

Quick trip to Prager to pick up my port shipment. The port didn't get shipped because the credit card I had on file expired last year. It was something I was going to take care of, but... Got port. The oldest son always remembers me, but not my name. Prager was packed too, so we didnt' stay to taste.

Final winery for the day was Elyse.

As we had a bit of time before dinner, we stopped by JV Wine & Spirits. I was pretty much wined out for the day, but the we did try a few dessert wines. Loved the Ad Astra winery bottles - but at $50 a shot, didn't buy any of their wines.

I made it through the whole day without buying any more wine (except for picking up my wine shipments and a bottle from Jessup - but that was for Joey).

Next up, Joey's birthday dinner at Zinsvalley. Sat outside on the patio - lovely evening, if a bit chilly! Even Joey had had enough wine for the day, so neither of us had wine with dinner. We started out with Sweet Onion Rings with Shaft Blue Cheese Sauce, followed by Warm Duck Confit Salad with Frisee, Toasted Walnuts, Zin-Port Vinaigrette. He got the Braised lamb shank on lentils with merguez sausage and I got the Hoisin Grilled Pork Chop with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage and House Made Mustard Crème Fraiche.

No dessert... amazing. If we hadn't already gone by Don Giovanni's Bistro, Joey would have liked to have stopped by and had the Bostini thing he had last year. I said we could go back, but he got a raincheck on dessert - too full.

I was out as soon as I got home.
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