Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Foxy! You had better be hiding...

I am playing yet another video game and it's FOXY's fault. He MADE me play it, in fact we went out to Emeryville so that I owned a copy. Instead of doing something constructive this evening (like work *sigh*) I played 3 hours of Xenosaga. I finally quit after I got tired of looking for the commander's room so I could deliver his curry dinner. Oh brother. *g*

Had a fun weekend - Lee, Foxy & I went to da favorite local Mexican restaurant for dinner Friday night. It was packed - had to park the fartherest that I've had to ever *g*. Yummy guacomole, sangria and pork tamales. Dropped Lee home, and then Foxy and I ended up watching the last two episodes of Buffy - season III. Season IV won't be out until June *waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh* Will have to watch Angel's season one in the meantime. Also watched and enjoyed Possession. Am curious enough that I'm going to have to read the book it's based on.

Saturday - I was bad. Started out innocently enough. Foxy and I hit Ole's for our usual bad for you breakfast - I had the corned beef hash and eggs; Foxy had the hot links and eggs. Oh, and of course bacon. Talk about a guilty pleasure *g*. Quick snuggle with Alani and Kyle, and then Gayle, Foxy & I headed off to the Contemporary Artist Show over at Fort Mason. Michael, Michael, Michael. He was his usual evil self. Spent way too much money - but I'm the happy owner of 3 new pieces plus one for Gayle for her birthday. I almost got out of there with only two pieces, but there was one piece that just glowed in the sunlight and I wasn't going to get it because it was expensive, but but but but... Foxy & Gayle were no help. They told me, that I really should buy it because otherwise I'd be whining about that I should have bought it, etc. Humph.

Slight problem, Michael was packing Gayle's piece of glass and he smooshed it. Ooops. He promised that he'd do another one for her, one with more green, cuz that's what she'd really like. It was originally a moon rising from the water piece - blues and purples over a white frosty surf. I'm supposed to call him before southern faire and he even said he'd comp me a couple of tickets to southern faire *g*

The show had lots of really oooh shiny stuff. Besides the glass, I ended up with two new cobalt blue wine glasses - they've got roses sandblasted on then; a new fused glass barrette and a pair of green sea glasss with pearls earrings. Hmmm... all glass. Definitely obsessed.

Had dinner at the Italian place on Santa Clara. The polenta with mushrooms was delicious. Came back to my place and opened up a bottle of Chateau St. Jean's gewurtztraminer (yum) and starting playing xenosaga with much help from foxy. 3 hours later and brain dead.

Sunday morning, after playing two hours of xenosaga, walked over to Muffins, Muffins, Cookies & Beans and had a quick breakfast of muffins and lattes. Am currently hooked on chai lattes. Yum. Home again, home again jiggity jig, for more xenosaga, followed by an hour or so of DDR. I played (terribly) on standard mode instead of light - Go Me! Did get a couple of B's and an A - but mostly C's and E's *sigh*

Had a quick lunch at In 'N Out Burgers and then dropped Foxy home. Stopped by Nichi Bei Bussan and bought a couple of things at their 20% annual "thank you" sale. Was going to buy Alani a yukata, but they didn't have her size. Oh well. Did buy a couple of sets of kachi kachi's for Alani & Kyle (Japanese castanets) Gayle is going to love me *g*

Read the first 150 pages of Sabriel (?). Then decided to play xenosaga for just a little bit. 3 hours later, decided that dinner might be a good thing.

Am now working on program that I swore I'd get done before Monday. I have 30 more minutes before that deadline *g*. Oy.

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