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Notes to self:

Keep a supply of allergy meds in the car until the end of soccer season.

Sleeping bags come in very handy for early games. It was COLD today!

Kyle's team played a team which actually looked like they knew what they were doing. Oh well. The other team's goalie only saw the ball in the first few minutes of the game - when Kyle's team scored a goal. Otherwise, the ball never made it down to that end of the field. Final score - 4 to 1.

Kyle was happy - he had a full family cheering squad - Mommy, Daddy, Alani, Auntie Karen & Auntie Debbie.

There were NO walkways at all at this field. Auntie Debbie had to walk *miles* through the grass. Lovely.

Wednesday, I took an early lunch to go to Kindergarten & First Grade Dance Recital. Each class did a dance representing the different peoples of early California - Native American, Spanish, Mexican, Russian, French, the mix of square dancing. Kyle's class did a Spanish waltz. The kids were in white tops and black pants/skirts with a bright red sash. Very cute =)

Thursday, trektone & I went to Pappo's for Dining Out for Life. We split the Wild Mushroom Lasagna with Kabocha Squash-Ricotta filling and White Truffle Oil as an appetizer and then shared the Grilled Lamb Sirloin with Mushroom Bread Pudding, Grilled Asparagus and Mustard Jus & the Liberty Ranch Duck with Grilled Frisee, Soft Polenta and Cherry-Port Wine Sauce. Loved the mushroom bread pudding, duck and polenta.

We got the Pinot Noir, Woodenhead, Russian River Valley ’03 - which went very well with dinner. The Chef came by and he & Joey chatted about the wine and the Chef gave us a bit of the other pinot noir to taste. I liked the one we got best, but Joey thought that the other pinor noir would be good just to drink by itself.

I thought the lemon crepes with rice pudding were okay, but the loved the chocolate mousse cake. I think Joey thought the exact opposite. It was one of those "give me chocolate and nobody gets hurts" days.
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