Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Kyle's First Soccer Game

Picked up G, Kyle & Alani around 10:30.

Kyle was quick to show me that he had mastered 3 more puzzles in his sudoku book! He had only started playing the puzzle game last night. Had shown him and K how to play. I've been playing the game for years (Dell puzzles calls them something else).

We had to stop by soccer to pick up a few more things - white shorts, more red socks and the all important SOCCER BALL.

Discovered that there is a soccer store at South Shore. Did not have to go Big 5 unhelpful sports store.

At least I was able to tell G how to put on shin guards and that the socks went over everything. Thanks ame_chan!!!

G had either her first post-ECT moment or a senior moment when she couldn't remember how to get to the soccer field. As she had only been there once or twice... oh well. G has always had problems with directions. K & I used to say that she couldn't find her way out of a paper bag. She called Jodie to get directions.

We got there around noon. She told me first game was at 12:30. It wasn't. Team was to meet between 12:30 and 12:45. Game was at 1:30. We were a bit early. Watched a bit of the other under eight teams play. Red team was getting slaughtered by much bigger Yellow team. Yellow team's goalie had a very boring game as the ball rarely made it down to his end of the field.

While we had been driving to the field, Kyle was worrying. He felt nervous. What if he did badly? What did he need to do? What if he lost? We tried to reassure him that he'd do fine. Just have fun. (he also did not have his team shirt because S didn't feel like taking him to practice on Friday...grrr!!!!!!)

You would think a soccer loving dad would be the first person to take kid to practice, to get gear, to encourage him. NOT

Game time!
Kyle got his shirt. Red and white - Number 27.

Little kids running after the ball. Poor Gabriel had to come out because he had a bad nose bleed. Kyle ended up staying out the first quarter, but playing the rest of the game. He had a BLAST!!! 4 quarters? I told Kyle he had to teach me because I had no clue.

The teams were evenly matched. Just a bunch of little kids running from one end of the field to the other, trying to kick the ball (missing a lot). The Eagles (yellow/green team) were ahead 1-0 until the Thunderbirds(red/white team) managed to score a goal in the last few seconds of the game. Kyle's first game ended in a tie! Yay!!!!

It's really strange when you end up chanting Thunderbirds are GO! Actually I was chanting Go RED for most of the game since I didn't know what the team name was.

Walking across the soccer field was just lovely. Mooshy, icky wet grass... Only for da kiddies...

I think I got a bit of sun today. My face is feeling a bit fried. Remember to wear cap and sun screen next time. Stupid me - the sun screen is always in the car too.
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