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Adventures in parenting...

Ah, yes, the fact that I walked into OY to pick up Kyle and saw him, the director and the assistant director walking towards the office - concerned looks on all faces - I immediately thought "uh oh".

The fact that there were red stains on Kyle's pants? On his hands? "UH OH"

Kyle had been playing with his friends and had placed himself underneath a fire extinguisher. He basically did a "POP goes the weasel" and banged his head on it. He had a 3/4 inch cut on his scalp. Scalp wounds have a tendency to bleed a bunch.

Do not panic. Do not panic. Do not panic.

Got some gauze, put pressure on cut - it really wasn't bleeding much at this point. Cleaned area & Director put some neosporin on. Putting a bandage on was problematic - top of scalp = lots of hair.

Kyle had apparently banged his head and continued to play for about half an hour. He didn't realize anything was wrong until he touched his head and his hand came away with blood on it - which he smeared on his pants.

Talked to Kyle - he said his head hurt, but he immediately perked up when I said we could go to MacDonald's for dinner. He was also not crying which also reassured me.

When we picked up Alani, I had the director of the preschool give me a second opinion. I didn't think the cut needed stitches and it would probably have been more traumatic to Kyle. Emilia agreed and gave Kyle lots of hugs. When Kyle had a choice of who to invite to his birthday party two years ago, his first choice had been Emilia. =)


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