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Stolen from many people, most recently from greenmtnboy18 and filkerdave

September 3 is the 246th day of the year (247th in leap years). There are 119 days remaining.

According to Wikipedia, 3 events, 2 births and one death happened on that day:


  • 36 BC - In the battle of Naulochus, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, admiral of Octavian, defeats Sextus Pompeius, son of Pompey, thus ending Pompeian resistance to the Second Triumvirate.

  • 1189 - Richard I of England (a.k.a. Richard "the Lionhearted") is crowned at Westminster.

  • 1838 - Dressed in a sailor's uniform and carrying identification papers provided by a Free Black seaman, future abolitionist Frederick Douglass boards a train in Maryland on his way to freedom from slavery.


  • 1930 - Cherry Wilder, New Zealand author (d. 2002)

  • 1965 - Charlie Sheen, American actor


  • 1991 - Frank Capra, American film director (b. 1897)

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