Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Soccer... GRRRRRR...

This is the first time in 10 years that I have NOT been at the A's season opener. It's really weird not to have season tickets this year.

Saw Ice Age 2 with da kiddies on Saturday. Liked the first one better. One scene had me in gigglefits - the kids just thought I was nuts =) "Food, Glorious Food..."

Still love the squirrel. The vultures are cool too.

I got sent to the sporting good store on Sunday with the kids. This was a punishment for something I had done sometime, somewhere, I think.

  1. What is this thing called "soccer"

  2. The kids were stir crazy because they had been stuck inside due to the rain

  3. There are lots of clothing racks and "great" places to hide at the store

  4. The kids were all over the store because they were impatient. Auntie Debbie was taking too long

  5. Helpful clerks? NOT!!! They were much too busy yakking and playing jokes on each other in the back room

  6. I know NOTHING about soccer

  7. Shoes with cleats???

  8. Hey, these shoes have little plasticky wedges. These are cleats? I thought cleats were metal? Okay, the box says soccer shoes

  9. Shin guards. How do they work and how are they supposed to fit?

  10. I played VOLLEYBALL. I really know NOTHING about soccer

  11. Are the socks supposed to fit under or over the shin guard?

  12. Shorts? G can't remember if they're supposed to be white or something else. Forget it. Did not buy shorts

  13. Why didn't G think of this when Steve was around on Wednesday? He knows soccer

  14. grrr grrr grrr grrr grrrrr

Kyle had to have the equipment for Monday's soccer practice (Where is practice? It's either at Montera field or Caldecott field. And where are they? grrrrr)

By the way, Monday's soccer practice? It was rained out. So is Wednesday's. Steve will be taking Kyle to soccer practice on Friday and HE can figure out the equipment.
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