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Danger! Danger Will Robinson...

Uh oh... glass pusher is going to be in town this weekend...

Well all that overtime I've been making has to go some place.

I have certain obsessions and one specific obsession is "ooooohhh pretty glass". Stained glass to be precise. Anybody who's been to my apt can attest to that. Nearly all my windows have pieces of stained glass in them. I am working on filling them all *g*. Nearly all the lovely shiny stuff is HIS fault. Truly, I am not responsible. HE did it! Michael - he's evil. I blame it all on him, "da glass pusher".

Of course, I can not be miserable alone. Oh no. Misery loves company. Mwhahahahahahaha. Several pieces of Michael's glass now hang in the various windows at Paulie & Noah's. 3 of Mat's living room windows in Brooklyn shine with Michael's work. And then there's Kev. Poor fwish never knew what hit him. 3 windows of his window seat plus several windows in his sun room all have Michael's glass. Gayle's new house has a lovely piece of purple glass - light to dark and swirls of shades in between. And you know what? Everybody wants more.

Talked to him today, he's leaving me some comp tickets to the Contemporary Crafts Market being held at Fort Mason this weekend. I am in deep trouble. I have yet to meet a glass of his that I didn't like. In fact, there is always at least one piece singing its siren song at me. Sometimes, when I can't make a decision and the budget says that there is no way in hell I can take them all home, I just leave it to chance. Which ever one is left at the end of the show/day is the one I can buy and I am always happy with what I get.

It started out so innocently. NorCal Ren Faire. Sunny day - and then there was this booth. OOOOOOH shiny stuff hanging from the railings. Sign says "Come in, you're looking at them backwards" or something like that. So I take that first step in. Purples, blues, greens, yellows, reds, black; clear and opaque. I walked out with purple/blue moon rising from a shimmery clear sea, surrounded by a black triangle border. Only one piece has gotten away, and I sometimes kick myself that I didn't buy it - it was a gorgeous piece- probably 2 feet wide by 3 feet long. It was also almost $600. Just not in the budget at that time. Looked like an impressionist's painting of sunset in all the swirls of glass.

Oy. I am in big trouble.
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