Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Happy Birthday nikari!!!

Was reading trektone's friend ohiblather's post on onigiri. Rice balls! Musubi! Definitely a comfort food. Growing up, picnics and car trips would not have been the same without nigi-nigi and either salami or shoyu fried weiners. Sometimes there would be umeboshi (pickled plum) or takuwan (pickled radish - very smelly!!!).

Rice balls can be very dense. Probably dense enough to put a dent in somebody's head if you threw it at them. *g*

I learned how to make them by watching Grandma and Mom. Bowl of hot rice. Hands have to be wet - with a bit of salt on them and then compress rice into an egg shaped ball. Sometimes they're wrapped in nori. Sometimes sprinkled with furikake (mix of nori, sesame and other stuff - there are many different kinds)

Comfort food... Maybe lunch. Don't have any salami nor weiners, but there's always spam!
Tags: birthday, family, food

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