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February 19th, 2017

NYC - February 7th through 11th - Part 2

Wednesday started out with a quick walk around the neighborhood. Walking up either 2nd or 3rd, saw a guy checking out his phone while walking his cute dog. Sure looked a lot like Josh Groban. I've seen pictures of his dog too. Hmmmm. Me, being me, did not ask him or say hi or anything. Just smiled as we walked by. Joey said he would have stopped and asked.

Brunch! Go!Go!Curry on east 53rd. YUM! Joey & I both ordered the Home Run Curry (curry over rice with cabbage and chicken or pork katsu, tempura shrimp, sausage and hard boiled egg). I got mine with pork katsu, Joey got the chicken. We both added natto (yum!) and I also got the fukuzinzuke. The place is named in honor of Hideki Matsui's jersey number (55) and instead of small, medium or large, you can order the walk, single, double, triple...

Now I want more curry.
A bit about The Great CometCollapse )

Did a bit of shopping at One Schubert Alley & Theatre Circle and a snack at Mendy's Deli at Rockefeller Center (split pea soup & chopped chicken livers!) then back to the hotel for a quick break before dinner.

Had a lovely dinner at El Cocotero with Joey, mat_t and his Kevin!!! Haven't seen Mat since the last trip to NYC in November, 2015 and had only heard about this Kevin =)

T'was wonderful to spend time with them, getting to know Kevin and munching on some yummy antojitos: Degustacion/Sampling (Bite size crispy arepas, crispy yucca, tostones and four sampling toppings of: Shredded beef, chicken, reina pepiada and dominó).

I had the hallaca (Venezuela style corn tamale, stuffed with a stew of chicken, beef, pork, olives, raisins and capers, wrapped in banana leaves, served with venezuelan’s style potato salad) More Yum!

We chatted until there was nobody left in the restaurant except one other table of customers (we were not the last out!) and the staff was tidying up - well after 10pm and both Mat & Kevin had to work the next day.

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