August 28th, 2016

Me 2010

Stuff I've done this summer...

This summer, I have done the following:
  • Karen & I danced at Alameda's Obon

  • Dim Sum at the Hong Kong Lounge with Thuy, Michael, Ariel, Thuy's brother & niece

  • Had my 27th annual celebration breakfast of surviving the first six months with the City

  • Family Vacation

  • Seen Theatreworks' The Confederates

  • Seen Ghost Busters with Sean

  • Karen, da Kidlets and I had dinner with Claudia & Kenji and danced at Placer's Obon (in memory of Auntie Asako & Auntie Nobuko)

  • Finding Dory with Alani

  • Celebrated Sean's birthday at The Melting Pot

  • Gone to an A's vs Mariners game with Karen, Christine & John. A's won 6-3!

  • Had dinner with a bunch of Volleyball friends - Janice, Liz, Karen S., Karen M.

  • WorldCon

  • Sick sick sick - the joys of Con Crud

Me 2010

WorldCon 2016 - Prologue

Sunday, August 14th: Dang! I managed to sleep through THREE alarm clocks! I was awakened by K calling my on the landline to say "she was waiting out front - where was I???" AUGH!!!!!

Thankfully: 1) I was packed and ready to go, 2) I can get up, get dressed and be out of the house in less than 10 minutes, AND 3) Oakland Airport is less than 10 minutes away. I also lucked out because I had been gifted with TSA Pre-check (actually both ways).

Nonstop flight to St Louis was okay until I managed to spill my cup of spicy tomato juice all over me. *SIGH*. Met Kev & Christopher at baggage claim, got my luggage and stomped off to the bathroom to change clothes. My blue & white t-shirt is toast.
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Me 2010

WorldCon 2016 - Prologue Part II

Monday, August 15th: New Day!

Christopher had to work. Boo!
Kev drove me all the way to Alton, IL (okay, 30 minute drive) to Olga's - one of my favorite chain restaurants. I used to go all the time, especially in high school and college. Then all the CA restaurants closed *sniff* and the only way to get my fix is to get Kev to take me there. There is ONE Olga's in Illinois and after that you have to go Michigan. I had my original Olga, an Olga Salad and a piece of spinach pie. YUM!!!

Not sure how long this place will stay open - the Mall is half empty.

Kev had work to do, so I bravely went back to the treadmill. No running, but I did walk 3+ miles. I would normally have done my walking outside, but Missouri? It's HOT and HUMID - plus I don't know the area, so won't walk at night. Nope nope nope.


Dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Meskerem! Love their injera.