July 12th, 2015

Me 2010

Out of Quarantine and Family Found!

Not that I actually had to be quarantined, I could have gone back to work last Monday. My spots were all covered by clothes, so it would have been okay - so did not happen.
I telecommuted all week, wondered how I managed to not SCRATCH back when I had chicken pox. I was very fortunate - my shingles were very mild, not painful and not plentiful. I had just 3 patches on my left side. My itchiness was like a low, constant hum - just enough to be annoying!

By Wednesday, I couldn't stand my own cooking anymore, so I hit the Taco Bell drive-thru. Yay for an enchirito & taco! Thursday, I made actual escape - went to CVS to pick up my monthly meds. I don't think I've eaten my own cooking for 7 days straight in I can't remember. Sean normally makes me dinner on Tuesdays, Joycie & I go out for dinner after WW on Wednesdays, Karen & I go out brunch after Farmers Market on Saturdays, and I usually buy my lunch at least once a week.
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