October 4th, 2014

Me 2010

October Baseball...

My A's are out of the play offs, so these are my hopes...
Angels vs KC -- Go KC!
Orioles vs Detroit -- Orioles
Orioles vs KC - KC

Giants vs Nats - Giants
Cards vs Dodgers - Cards
Giants vs Cards - Giants

Giants vs KC - Giants
Me 2010


Last weekend, I took da kidlets to their first con - Convolution in Burlingame. They were slightly underwhelmed... The main reason I was going was to see andpuff!

They liked the Dealers' Room (three t-shirts, two ray guns, one floppy hat) and the Art Gallery (Kyle fell in love with a print that cleaned out his allowance bank)

I didn't stay for long - I was a bit under the weather.

Enjoyed Friday's Question & Answers & Things That Go Bump in the Night panel - Carrie Sessarego, Steven Mix, Tyler King (M), Tanya Huff. Everybody (audience & panelists!) had to drop a question or two into the bag for the panelists.

Chatted with Clary, Clint & Joey

Would have liked to have gone to "Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks", but couldn't stay awake that late

Saturday, after going through the program, da kidlets chose to go to "How to Build a Better Story" - Lillian Csernica, M. Christian, Jay Hartlove, Helen Stringer. Kyle enjoyed most of it (when they got off topic, he got bored). Alani may have been a little young to sit through the whole thing. 90+ minutes per panel...

I think they would have enjoyed "Will Your Fight Scene Actually Work" better. Me too

GOH Interview, Reading, Questions & Answers & Book Signing: Tanya Huff & Taunya Gren. This panel was fun and Tanya read from the new Torin book!!!!! One lady's questions were a bit over the top. I don't know if it was nervousness, fan girl squeeing, English may not have been her primary language or whether she was just "out there", but she was "your stories will save the world" type stuff. She was very intense.

After Tanya signed my books, I handed them off to Alani. Tanya said "You've got Minions!". =) I introduced da kidlets.

Lunch at Max's

Kidlets had a blast at "Blast a Storm Trooper" - nerf guns, plus Storm Troopers & Darth Vader for the win. It was for charity =)

Did you know there is a VIP lounge at the hotel? I didn't until Joey took me up there. It's like ones at the airport - drinks & food...