February 18th, 2013

Me 2010

Boston, Day 1

Thursday, the first alarm went off at 3:45am. The second at 4am. I was up and showered by the time the third alarm went off at 4:15am. Out the door and even following the directions from the parking website, I still got lost *sigh*. There is a tall sign which can be seen from the freeway which says "Park N Fly", but there is not a big sign at street level. Still made it to the airport and through security by 5:45am. The x-ray machine ignored me for a change.

Uneventful nonstop flight across country, we even got in about half an hour early! Sometimes I think that getting a nonstop flight, for a long flight, is not the best thing for me. Having to change flights, breaks up the trip and doesn't make it feel so unending.

pezazul was awaiting me at baggage claim! Taxi'd to the hotel ($23 with tip & toll). Checked into room 522 at the Westin Boston Waterfront. Next up was a walk to the waterfront and an early dinner at Legal Sea Foods - Harborside on the first floor (casual dining). We got a table right by the window and we both started with a mug of New England Clam Chowder. Yum. Kev finally decided on Fred the Lobster (Fred weighed in somewhere between 1.25 and 1.5 pounds). I decided on the small shellfish platter. 4 each of two different types of oysters, a couple of crab legs and a claw, and shrimp cocktail. 4 different sauces: cocktail sauce with horse radish, jalapeno vinegar, tartar, and something else greenish. Something made me break out... Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries and Boston Cream Pie.

Walked back to the hotel with a quick stop at the 7-11 for some claritin and a 12 pack of dp. Evening was very clear and chilly. The high for the day was around 35 F?

Kev was in bed by 10:30. I ended up exploring the hotel for the next hour or so. My body clock said it was way too early to sleep and dinner was sitting like a huge rock in my stomach. Walked around the mezzanine, the first floor, the galleria on the lower floor, then over to harbor side 3 floors - bottom would be the dealers' room, con suite, art show and the 3rd floor would be registration and panel rooms. Walk, walk, walk. If anybody noticed me, they'd probably think I was "not from around there" as I was in a sweatshirt and shorts.
Me 2010

Boston, Day 2 - Boskone Day 1

Friday, slept in until 10am? (7am CA time).

Spoke to kinzel - he still had my phone number from Renovation. We were now on Plan B regarding the food for the party on Saturday night. The original person who was going to do the shopping, hadn't. Not sure if it was a car issue or the person wasn't going to make it to the con after all or whatever. I'd meet with some people at registration around 2:30 and we'd replot.

Kev & I walked over to Fresh City for brunch. I got a Napa Turkey sandwich (turkey, avocado, bacon and cheese). Kev got some kind of burrito. Grabbed a catering menu just in case we needed something close for the party.

Walked the 1.2 miles to The Bromfield Pen Shop. Kev was just medium bad in the store. Me? I lose pens all the time. I am sad when I lose my $7 Parker pen. I'd probably be devastated if I lost a pen which cost $$$.

Went up to registration to ask for "Barbara". No one knew her. It turns out the person I was asking, Irene, was actually the OTHER person who would know something about the Liaden party, but I didn't know that at the time. So, I went ahead and registered and met up with Ruth (last seen at Renovation or Chicon?) and sat & chatted. Ended up talking with Steve & Sharon. Steve had a lead on a person who had a car and was willing to take me to the store for party stuff. "Dave" wasn't there yet, but he'd call me when he got in.

Met up with Dave around 4:30 - traffic was da horrible. It had taken him half an hour to get to from his hotel to the con hotel and it took us 30-45 minutes JUST TO GET OUT of the waterfront area. Gridlock much? Freeway was backed up too. Spent the next 40 minutes in Costco. To cake or not to cake? No cake. No place to keep it cold (if we had a balcony, we'd be fine). So, cookies: brownies, cinnamon rolls, madelleines, and Chinese almond cookies. Carrots, humus, salsa, tortilla chips, pita chips and chips. Plates, napkins, utensils. Sodas (pepsi. dp, water, fruit flavored waters - some fizzy, some not)

Dave was still plotting about getting a cake with Necessity's Child cover on it. We needed more time and a bakery close to the con. Oh well. Trip back to the hotel was like 20 minutes. Got all the stuff dumped off in my room.

Kev & I walked down the street to Papagayo Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar for dinner. Friday night, it was packed and it was loud. We got the table side guacomole - spicy and the margarita de la casa. Oy - margaritas were strong. I think I drank between 1/4 to 1/3. Oh boy. Flushed cheeks, but not up to red nose stage. The chicken enchilada with tomatilla sauce was just so-so, but the plantanos tostones and the poblano potato gratin were very tasty.

Gone filking until midnight?
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Me 2010

Boston, Day 3 - Boskone, Day 2

Saturday. FoL Breakfast at 8:30am at Sauciety (hotel buffet). Sleep? Who needs sleep???

There were about 20+ people? Kev, Elizabeth from Ct, Nancy O'Reily and I ended up at the kids' table. Had a nice conversation. SNOW!!! Watched the snow falling during breakfast =)

Sharon gave me a key to the party room, which turned out to be the wrong key. If Team No Sleep had been around, I'm sure we'd be up to no good and be searching for the room which the key would work and going after more story. (I know, I know, Steve & Sharon only bring what they absolutely have to, but I also know that Steve was working on deadline and...) But, Team No Sleep was not here, so I meekly exchanged the keys later on.

So, what did I do?
Filking in Other People's Universes (12:00-12:50, Griffin). Jordin Kare, Mary Crowell, Mary Kay Kare and Gary Erlich.
A look at filksongs and the stories they were based on.
-- I could only stay until 12:25 because...

Reading: Steve Miller & Sharon Lee (12:30-12:55, Lewis). Steve Miller and Sharon Lee
-- They read from Necessity's Child =)
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