January 9th, 2011

Me 2010

Things I did in December that I meant to post about...

  • 15th: Had our annual department holiday party with food from Buca Di Beppo's and yummy desserts from Costco (chocolate to die for cake!). Have now convinced some coworkers that eggplant can be delicious. I had won a belgium waffle maker, but mean old Jennifer took it away. *sniff* Besides bottles of Jack Daniels and wine, the one of the most wanted items was the Thomas the Tank Train pez collection.
    I went to see HPatDH1 again.

  • 17-18th: Bribed herefox with Zachary's pizza and then put him to work setting up K's network and trying to rebuild my old pc. On Saturday, we took the kidlets to Dickens Christmas Fair. They especially enjoyed morning tea and had a blast. Alani, with her saved up allowance and faire spending money, picked up an Oberon leather journal with a howling wolf on the cover.

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