October 18th, 2010

Me 2010

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Stopped by the store tonight & I was all excited to start on my monthly romantic suspense fix...
Got home & then I realized that not only had I picked up last month's selections, but I'd already read all of them *sigh*

Saturday, I took the kidlets to Ren Faire. They were both really excited to go - me, not so much. Alani's dress from two years ago was now regular dress length (in fact, she wore it for her birthday party). Kyle probably has maybe a year more to go with his shirt, but the breeches were too small. First stop, new garb.

Alani now has a blue dress with a small adult bodice (a bit big) and Kyle is wearing adult breeches. I just realized that Alani has my brand new snood. I may have lost that for good.

Was hoping to catch sight of sillermoon, but never saw her.

Kyle had a blast throwing javelins, shooting arrows (both regular bow and crossbow) and loved his first fencing lesson. Alani loved the petting zoo - the fluffy chicken, the goats, the miniature donkey and ponies, the pig... Did have to talk her out of buying a FOX TAIL. We need to have another chat about it. I had the same issue as kid, but what I wanted was a rabbit's foot. What we currently have is an agreement that Auntie is NOT going to buy it for her. Also, Auntie K will not allow it in the house (but that's a different reason that Alani doesn't know about yet)

We all rode the swing (yay!) and the maypole spinning ride (ick). Kidlets actually ate something other than french fries! I thought Kyle was going to get a turkey leg, but he came back with an ear of roasted corn and some roasted chicken. Alani had cheese pizza (so period, ya know). I had a banger - but they no longer have the spicy mustard to go with it, but plain yellow. Still tasty =)

The kids had been looking around faire for what they'd like as their souvenir. They both had $20 to spend, so they were being very thoughtful. Kyle decided upon a bag of healing stones (amythest, hematite, rose quartz...) and a new wand with a carrying pouch. Alani finally chose an ocarina in the shape of an orange fish and a bird whistle that twitters when you put water into its body.

Finished off the afternoon with gelato. Alani played her ocarina and bird whistle all the way home...