October 3rd, 2010

Me 2010

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A week ago Wednesday was the annual Employee Services Fair. Open Enrollment, informational booths (insurances, charities, schooling) and the BBQ. The Commute Alternatives Team (formerly known as Alternative Transportation Committee) flipped burgers. I was doing my usual organize bbq and tech on site.

HR wished to expand the fair as bit this year. More food, more raffles, more activities - there was not going to be an employee picnic this year.

As far as the bbq was concerned - HR not only asked for more food, but they'd pick up the tab. We did about a hundred burgers more this year - people were happy that we'd added turkey burgers and of all things - mayonnaise =)

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    Baseball: A's vs Seattle
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Me 2010


A's win! This is their first non-losing season in 4 years! Yay!!!

Giants win! I'm okay with that.

I'm glad that Tampa Bay beat out the Yankees. I still haven't forgiven Alex Rodriguez and his "insult" to Dallas Braden, petty as it is.

I am happy that Boston is out.

Hmmm, I got an email to buy Giants Western Division Champions gear, less than two minutes after the game was over. Got it even before I got the notification of the game result.

I will root for the Giants. =)

American League:
Tampa Bay vs Texas: Though ailenalc would probably die of shock, I will root for Texas - it's all about Ron Washington. Go Wash!
Yankees vs Minnesota: Go Yankees

Go Texas!

National League:
Giants vs Atlanta - Go Giants (though I will root for Tim Hudson when he pitches)
Cincinnati vs Phillies: No favorite as of now...

Go Giants!

Texas vs Giants? Go Giants!