October 2nd, 2010

Me 2010

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A week ago Monday, to close out my surprise birthday weekend, spent the early part of the day with herefox. We ended up having brunch at Hobee's.

As we were pulling out of the apt parking lot, saw Kev, Joey & Christopher arriving to drop off luggage before going out for the day.

Yay for hot spicy orange cinnimon tea! Yay for blueberry coffeecake. I ended up buying 3 blueberry coffeecakes (one for me, one for Karen, one for Joey) and they tossed in an apple walnut coffecake for free. I ended up taking that one to the office which made my coworkers very happy =)

Then I dropped Foxy at home.

tammy_g was off to spend the day with her friend in Plesantaon. pezazul, clsinstl and trektone were off to the city for shopping on the wharf and ferry building. I ended up running errands, ordering all the food for the employee bbq and chilling =)

Had dinner with Kev, Christopher and Joey at Sidebar. The drink of evening was Pisco - mainly two types of pisco sours (whipped egg white on top?). Interesting. I think I ordered the steamed mussels with sides of daikon slaw and an extremely yummy, swimming in butter, mashed potatoes.

Then, after a quick trip back to the apt, we ended up going back out to Fenton's. Teeghan dropped Tammy off there and left me her PARKING SPACE. I do not think that I have EVER parked in the actual lot. Shocking! *weg*.

Pomogranate sorbet! YUM! It was back in season. We raised a spoon in honor of Rainy's grandmother as usual. Much ice cream was eaten - in a soda, sundaes and mountains.

Back to the apt for talking...

Tuesday morning was early and sad. Said good bye to Kev & Christopher. They'd be BARTing over to SFO later in the morning. I was dropping Tammy off to SFO on the way to work.

Thus the wonderful weekend came to an end =)