September 24th, 2010

Me 2010

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Sitting here thinking... Scary, I know
My friends have been planning this bash for TWO YEARS!! I had no idea.

Hey! I'm the sneaky one. I've been out sneaky'd! *weg*

I have awesome friends. Thank you for everything!

Sunday morning was a wee bit bitter-sweet. We took down the decorations, popped the balloons, and cleaned and packed up. Sat on the deck one last time, and enjoyed the morning. Ocean, birds and friends. Tried out the swing (it was a little low to the ground), but I loved it even though I couldn't fly high to the sky. Come to think of it, I might have gone over into the ravine instead. =)

I walked through a spider web so Sean didn't have to. ick. At least it was a small web.

Saw wee bunnies in the garden! Kawaii !!!

Had brunch at From Scratch. Corned beef for me. Tammy ordered a cheese blintz for the table which was also yummy. Joey had a slice of mud pie as part of his breakfast. T'was tasty - need to go back again.

Time to say farewell. *sniff* Rainy & Laura had a long drive back to LA, but they were detouring through Casa de Frutta and Northern Faire to pick up Laura's son.

The rest of us drove the 110 miles back to Alameda. I know Joey & I passed each other a few times up the freeway, but I didn't see Siller.

Finished the day with dinner at Acapulco. More friends! Roll call: Joey, Sean, Kev, Christopher, Tammy, Siller, Karen, Clary & Clint, Liz, Adrienne (I've know Adrienne since 3rd grade and hadn't seen her in 10 years!) and me! Joycie and Ron were supposed to come, but they got stuck in Stockton. Good food, lots of chatting and fabulous company.

After dinner, hugs and farewells. Then got Tammy, Kev & Christopher settled in at their hotel, Coral Reef (perhaps not the best place to go) and then back to my apt for more wine and yakking.