June 6th, 2010

Me 2010

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To the guy with the loud voice who went out on the patio at 2AM to talk on his cell phone? May the Bluebird of Happiness drop its calling card upon his head.

Tuesday, K, G, the kidlets and I drove down to San Jose for a bit of shopping and dinner. Kids are planning to dance in Obon this year and they have out grown their previous outfits. Kyle did get a new happi coat, but Alani wantted a BLUE yukata and all they had in her size was red. I'm going to go through the hope chest and hope I find one that will fit her.

Dinner at Okayama's - cousin Mickey was in town, so there was a small family gathering - about 20 of us. Nice to get together for a happy reason - the last gathering was for Auntie Yoshi's funeral.

Back to work on Wednesday. Going through one's mailbox is always a pain.
Kyle and I had dinner at Acapulco.

Thursday, yet another disorganized event *sigh*. It was the 4th & 5th graders awards presentation and the 5th grade graduation. If you know that you've got 4 classes of kids and you want them to sit in the front rows - 1) you need to reserve the rows and 2) 3 rows will not fit 120 kids. / end of rant

Keoki-chan received a Citizenship and a Gold Scholar award *g* His was the last name called to graduate as his teacher decided to do her class in reverse alpha order =) On to Lincoln School!