May 21st, 2010

Me 2010

Relay for Life Prep - 2010

Relay for Life is tomorrow. Shout outs to mbumby, trektone, greenmtnboy18, herefox and pezazul! Thank you!!!

ETA - 11:31am: Thank you an_sceal & tammy_g!!!

Sgt. Kathy has raised over 5K this year. I do not think that I'll be able to catch up with half of her total, but I'm trying. If you can help, donations can still be made here!

Kidlets will be coming, but not camping out. Alani is having a sleep over Friday, so she will be spending the day at Relay and at the Pet Parade. Kyle & G will come by after his soccer game. K will be coming at some point during the day.

Things to do/bring/etc

  • diet pepsi

  • munchies

  • book or two

  • tents and tarp

  • hammer

  • sleeping bag and mat

  • pillows

  • beach chairs

  • folding table?

  • IPOD

  • advil

  • band aids & mole skin thingys

  • thick, no slip socks

  • extra pair of shoes

  • sunscreen

  • MEDS!

  • igloo

  • lantern

  • flashlights

  • Mom's & K's luminarias

  • other luminarias

  • luminaria sheet and check

  • Memory board

  • construction paper, scissors, tape, glue, crayons, pens, markers

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    Ten Minutes Ago - 1965 Cinderella Cast Album
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