May 9th, 2010

Me 2010

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Low blood sugar reaction. Oh joy. Well, thin mint cookies for the win!

K & I walked up to the Park Street Spring Street Fair. There were some pretty stuff, but after Eeyore's maintenance, it was a "look only" day. Had dinner at Tomatino's - garlic rolls - yum!

Yesterday was a nonstop day. Met up with K & the kidlets for breakfast at Jim's. Then Alani & I spent the day at the San Francisco Zoo. I don't think I've been to that zoon since I was 8? 10? I have never been that close to a lion. He was sunning himself on a stone just on the other side of a glass wall. I'd have taken a picture if I not for the reflection. Alani wanted to go all over the park, so we did. The only break I got was when we rode on the carousel! Lions, tigers, and bears! I think I like Oakland's bear area much better than San Francisco's. Did not find the koalas *sniff*
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