May 7th, 2010

Me 2010

Books Read In April

Kiss of Death Caine, Rachel
Pilgrimage: the First Book of the People     Henderson, Zenna re-read
Memory of Murder Creighton, Kathleen
Daughter of the Forest Marillier, Juliet
Saltation Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve     Squeeee!
Changes Butcher, Jim Arrrrrrrrrggghh!
Conflict of Honors Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve re-read
Agent of Change Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve re-read
Fixed Up with Mr. Right? Ferrarella, Marie
The Medusa Proposition Dees, Cindy
Prince Charming for 1 Night Bruhns, Nina
Meltdown Barrett, Gail
The Sheik's Command White, Loreth Anne
Beyond the Darkness Ivy, Alexandra
Merchanter's Luck Cherryh, C. J. re-read
Silver Borne Briggs, Patricia read 3 times this month!