April 18th, 2010

Me 2010

Da weekend...

Thursday, herefox and I saw Theatreworks' To Kill a Mocking Bird. I enjoyed it, Foxy not so much.

There was an out of balance issue at work that needed to be fixed, so I was up until 3am figuring out what went wrong and hot to fix it. It wasn't my account, so I had to figure out some of their idiosyncrasies...

Friday, I had planned on taking Joycie out for her birthday dinner and then do something exciting like "got to Target". We can get into much trouble going up and down the aisles at Target.

Nope, she called me around 4:30 and asked "Want to go to Thunder Valley Casino? Ron will drive!!" So, they picked me up after 6pm and off we went - it's about 2 hours, but Friday nights, all bets are off.

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