January 10th, 2010

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Am craving dim sum this morning and it's all Joey's fault.

Yesterday, Alani and I had a play day. Picked her up after her sleep over with Darby, one of the first with her new school mates. They had a blast! She'd already had breakfast, but was content to keep me company at Jim's while I had mine. She did manage to eat most of my toast and enjoy a glass of chocolate milk.

Went to Kragen's so I could pick up some window wiper fluid. Also for some reason, I am now the proud owner of a steering wheel cover that has paw prints on it. How did that manage to get into my shopping cart? *g* It could have been worse, her 2nd choice was the one with butterflies. While we were in the parking lot, she mentioned that she'd never been this close to a bridge before. So, we walked about half across the Park Street Bridge (if you saw the movie "The Net", you've seen it), so she could take a look see. She thought the vibrations of the cars going past was *interesting*. =)
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Me 2010

Eureka Earthquake...

This morning, I read that there had been a 6.5 earthquake off the coast of Eureka. Not good.

Emailed Sony and Paul to check in. They're all okay, thank goodness. Both houses are okay, but stuff got broken - some of it irreplaceable (like some of Mom Burns' stuff *sigh*) Paul was watching the football game and had the tv bounce to the floor - tv's gone, but thankfully, no damage to him or the dogs.

The church lost its steeple.

Sony says they'll be doing clean up today.