January 3rd, 2010

Me 2010

Books Read in December

The Goblin WoodBell, Hilari
Alpha and OmegaBriggs, Patriciare-read
Bed of RosesRoberts, Nora
Criminal DeceptionMarilyn Pappano
The Private BodyguardCowan, Debra
The Cavanaugh CodeFerrarella, Marie
The GiftStover, Deb
Finding the LostButcher, Shannon K.    
The Agent's Proposition    Stone, Lyn
Divine MisdemeanorsHamilton, Laurell K.
Me 2010

Christmas and other stuff

One thing I forgot to mention - the evening before Dicken's Faire, herefox and I did a little holiday shopping at Lush. Bath bombs! Soap! Stuff that normally disolves when it comes in contact with water! Everything is wrapped up in paper and put into paper bags. This is usually a good thing UNLESS it's pouring rain and you've got to walk a mile from Union Square to the Ferry Building. Thankfully, only one bath bomb exploded... For more detail, read here Hee!
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