November 1st, 2009

Me 2010

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Something I forgot to post about - I saw white tailed deer from Tammy's patio window. Their tails are so cute when the twitch? wag? Nice way to start the day.

My computer is feeling sorry for me - it's behaving. Well, once I unplugged the WD terabyte external drive. Go figure. Hoping everything works until after I get my tax refund next January. Still have to finish backing up my music folder.

The kidlets and I saw Astro Boy on Friday. It was very cute. We all enjoyed it I used to watch the cartoons way back when - but my favorite was Marine Boy. K's favorite was Astro Boy.

I've had this cough for almost a month now. I thought I was about over it, but then I guess I over did it and it's back to annoying again.
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