September 7th, 2009

Me 2010

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K got us tickets 7 rows up to the right of home plate. Cool! Very grateful for the netting - da foul balls come awfully fast! Nachos! K got me a new breast cancer awareness A's cap - white this time with pink writing. My other one is pink with white writing. The high school choir's singing of the national anthem was lovely. A's lost *sniff* Managed to get home within 10 minutes after the last out. Yay for parking by the front gate!

Saturday was busy, busy, busy. K & I went to the Farmers Market (yay - there were still blueberries to be found!). Then we drove over to Woodside for the Kings Mountain Art Faire. T'was very foggy when we got there and that was 11am! Michael, da glass pusher, was not happy at that point because his glass doesn't sparkle without the sun. Thankfully, the sun finally came out by noon. I made off with just one piece - a prezzie for a friend *weg*. Other favorites - Kayoko and Nori Tachibana (Kayoko Designs) and Nancy Chien-Eriksen.

Got home and immediately went back over the bridge to pick up herefox. Drove up to Daly City BART where the grouchy station agent informed me that I had last used my e-z link pass 11 months ago and that it showed ony that I had entered at a station, but no record of me leaving. That's why it wouldn't work. I told him that the station had closed. He asked why I hadn't gotten a sticker or something and I told him that the station personnel had just wanted us to leave. So he finally reactivated my pass.

Got off at the 16th Street station and went to Ti Couz for my birthday dinner. Yum. I got the shrimp, scallop and mushroom crepe. Foxy got the mushroom, onion and cheese crepe. We both had bowls of the french onion soup and split the orange with flambee gran marnier (in which not all the alcohol had burned off - hee!). Delicious!

Next, seanan_mcguire's book release party at Borderlands! T'was a fun evening of music, a reading (Seanan read chapter 3 because it was the shortest from Rosemary and Rue), raffles, book signings and shopping. Saw trektone and told him I had many hugs for him, but I actually don't think I passed them on. *brain dead* oops.

Sunday was a relaxing day. Stayed in bed until 10am. Read a few books. Birthday dinner at K & G's - Kamakura take out. =) Lots of cuddling with da kidlets. Carrot cake! Also a chocolate dream cake and ice cream bon bons - which made Alani a very happy camper. She so takes after Auntie Karen - chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!