May 17th, 2009

Me 2010

Paul's Graduation

Today has been declared SUNDAY - NO SUN DAY. I iz fried. Yesterday, we were outside in the sun from just before 9am until almost 5pm - majority of that time was spent WAITING. At 5pm, the temp was 97 degrees. And I had to walk on grass all day. Lots of grass. Why? Because Paul, my sorta nephew, was graduating from UC Merced. The reason for the long time in the sun? Security! Michelle Obama, our First Lady, was giving the commencement speech. =)

Even with lots of sunscreen and multiple reapplications, we all got a bit burned. Repeated announcements to drink lots of water and thousands of bottles of water were passed out to the audience during the entire time. There were several water booths where they encouraged people to take multiple bottles or even a case to pass around. People were wearing the water bottle case boxes as hats. There was very little shade unless you wanted to leave the secured area - but you'd have to go through security all over again to return.

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