March 20th, 2009

Me 2010

Ain't Nothing But The Blues...

Is the latest production from Theatreworks!!!

It's wonderful! GO SEE IT!!!!!

Okay, either there are some people out there who are faster at this than I OR I have to wait until later in the day, but at 12:01am I submitted a reservation request at for May 20th. The restaurant takes reservations two months to the day in advance at the earliest - and was told that there were no reservations open for that day.

I'll try calling the reservation number when they open at 10am.

ETA 03-20-09 10:43am: From 10am - 20+ minutes of redial, busy tone, hang up - repeat - got me on the wait list again. *sigh*
Me 2010

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Today's list of things to do...

  • Take K to airport. She's off for a 10 day trip to Japan with her ceramics group - DONE.. as of this moment, she's somewhere over the Pacifc.

  • Clean bathroom. Tub done. Need to go to store for pine sol to do floor.

  • Clean kitchen. Dishes done, counters cleared. Need pine sol for the floor too

  • Pick up book piles, box and store in back room

  • dismantle concrete block bookshelf


  • Vacuum and dust living room

  • Go to cult gym

  • Debating on whether to call G and ask if Alani wants a sleepover. Kyle's already got plans

  • Go to Costco and pick up dp, toilet paper and new blood pressure monitor.

I can't believe that I ran out of toilet paper. Had to stop by the store on the way back from the airport to pick up a 6 pack. I always buy the mongo pack at Costco and I usually stock up when I'm down to the last two 4 packs...

Tomorrow, pezazul arrives!!!!! YAY!