March 15th, 2009

Alani popcorn December 2006

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This morning's jook is rather lively - used jalapeno sausage to spice it up a bit. Just tasted it - oooooh... it's rather more than "a bit". We'll see *g*

Friday night, Alani and I ended up at Kamakura's for dinner. She had her usual miso soup (with tofu only - no green onions, no crunchy bits) and udon with tofu. She told me that they'd been studying Japan this week and about some customs and green tea ice cream *g*. So, for dessert, we had green tea ice cream (it's green) and red bean ice cream (definitely pink). She'd been all excited about trying the ice cream, but after a few bites, decided that chocolate was far better. Couldn't we go out for ice cream after all??? I don't think so *g*.

The movie of the night was Lion King. She snuggled with Quatchi and was out within 5 minutes of going to bed. She also stole my fluffy pillow. Brat *g*

At 7:24, she awoke, all cheery and perky. "I'm hungry!!!". I made her wait until the clock said 8 1 5, before I got up. Pancake breakfast at the usual spot. Picked up K and we took her up to the walkathon at school.

K & I hit the Farmers' Market. Lots of veggies. Yay!

Last night, K & I saw Kiss Me Kate with godson Wesley in it. Enjoyed it very much! He shaved off hit goatee! We got really lucky with seats - 3rd row, center - and I had only purchased the tickets the day before. Somebody must have turned in their tickets - when I was in line at will call, the clerk told the person in front me that they were sold out for the evening.