March 9th, 2009

Me 2010

Consonance 2009

Lots and lots of music stuck in my head...

Friday night highlights include:

  • The Dinner with a Movie Concert with D.W. and Loretta Wilson turned out to be a surprise concert by the Ropers! Apology still gives me gigglefits. Loved "Stuff"!!!!

  • catalana's Toastmistress Concert. Especially liked "Mother" and "Ruins"

  • The Bohnhoffs and ohiblather's springing their parody of Red Right Hand on vixyish and tfabris. Also Debbie's shirt with Jeff's 80's picture *g*

  • Knights in White Satin by the Bohnhoffs - Maya's singing the "flute part" was just awesome and gave me the shivers!

  • Kristoph and Margaret's versions of Arise My Love *sniff not on a cd* and the one song on Storming Heaven (title I've forgotten again - which I had especially asked Margaret about in the dealers' room *sigh*)

I know I made it past midnight, but???
Me 2010

More Consonance

Saturday started with the buffet breakfast at hotel. My omelet had spinach, mushrooms, ham, onion, spinach and blue cheese. Yum!
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Missed the first bit of Moira Stern's concert. I wouldn't have done so if I had known she has a concert harp *sigh*

Concerts! Margaret and Kristoph! braider!

Weird dinner - Happi House Chinese Chicken Salad and Togo's! Well, I changed my mind and got the tempura dinner instead of a number 16 Togo's sandwich at the last minute. Foxy did have the salad and salami & cheddar sandwich.

Playing Rapunzel was awesome! *squeeeee* They did Thousand Ships in Greek again. Sholem too

Vixy and Tony's GOH concert was wonderful too! Need another album from them soon.

Ouch! catalana fell and twisted her ankle badly while stepping off stage. Wishing her a quick recovery!

I went to the Gently British Filk Circle, but didn't stay very long. Too crowded and too hot. Ended up in the other room - the big harp was there. Yay! Lots of death and destruction and Walter (aka The Habitrail Named Klein). Made it until 4am.
Me 2010

Consonance - Sunday

Sunday, it was the breakfast buffet again - me, Foxy, trektone and ohiblather. For the last few cons that Debbie & I have been at, we've been saying that we should chat. So we finally did. We Debbies have to stick together, ya know. *g*

I went to the Con thinking that I wasn't going to pick up more than a couple of cds. WRONG! I did get a copy of Abseiling for Beginners by Playing Rapunzel. (How desperate was I to get this cd? I had emailed them earlier to ask them to hold a copy for me and I wouldn't mind prepaying and and and and...)

I also got a copy of
  • Bill Roper's Falling Toward Orion (yay! It has Apology on it!!!)

  • catalana's Not Everybody Dies and Hello Stranger

  • The two Westria ones - The Wandersong & Jewel Songs

  • Joe Bettancourt's That Great Big Way Out There

  • Storming Heaven by Avalon Rising (which I think I already own...)

  • The Pilgrim's Road by Aisling braider's former band)

I also am the proud owner of cadhla's card with "Kiss This" baseball bat (soon to be displayed at the entrance to my cubicle...)

Got my exercise for the day at the Greek Dancing Workshop with Playing Rapunzel. I think I needed somebody just a little bit shorter in line on my right side. My right shoulder's feeling a bit stretched today. *g* You know you're in a geeky group, when learning to count to four in greek, most people's response to "tessera" or four is "you know, like tesseract".

Quick Obon dancing (tanko bushi) lesson in there too...

Lots more music - Tres Gique, Tempered Glass, Rebecca Newman (loved her last song about seeing yourself as other see you), Leslie Fish!

Last concert for me, was the Bohnoffs. Wow as always. =) They did have time for their Red Right Hand parody and their Barracuda (aka debbie ohi) paraody. Cool!!