August 13th, 2008

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WorldCon 2008 - Wednesday, August 6th

For whatever reason, I woke up at 7am Denver time (6AM my time!). So, I got up, dressed and walked the 3/4 mile to the Denver North Curves. Go Me! Had a nice chat with lady named Lisa who's from Cedar Rapids, IA who was also here for the WorldCon.

Walked back, showered and went to breakfast with Mat and Joey at the Corner Bakery. We were joined by Joey's friend almeda who I'd met once before at Consonance.

The lines were very long for registration. Joey and I waited with Mat until I saw unwritten_words. Angie!!! She'd been waiting with ellayn. I had last seen Angie and Elaine at LACon. So we yakked while we waited in the very long and slow line. We ended up being 10 minutes late for the 11:30am - 1pm panel: The Electronic Storyteller Bowl: Steve Miller (m), Sharon Lee, Don Sakers, Lawrenece Watt-Evans, and Phil Foglio. The person sitting behind us? saruby!!!

I also got to meet Shawna from Second Life!

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Me 2010

WorldCon 2008 - Thursday, August 7th

Thursday - hmmm...
I started the day with a Peach Paradise (all fruit, no sugar added, no dairy) and an apple pretzel. I don't usually do jamba juices, but when the blood sugars are low...

At 10am, I was in line to get Name of the Wind signed by Patrick Rothfuss. He asked us to let us know which character was our favorite and he'd sign the book with an appropriate quote. I picked Bast =)

I missed the Carrie Vaughn reading =(

I was going to go the Creating Mythos panel at 11:30 and the Return of the King panel at 1pm, but I skipped both of them. I think I did the Dealer's room and the Art show. I bid on several pieces by Peri Charlifu, but I didn't win anything. Rats!

I think this was the day I had a hot dog for lunch. Chatted with Sarah and Shawna.

At 2:30, I got several books signed by msagara. She asked me if I were Joey's Debbie??? She also signed one of them with "For Debbie - who is not as evil as Joey" Little does she know *hee*

Then I went to Steve and Sharon's reading. They read from Duainfey, and the first chapters of the Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Plan B and Local Custom =)

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Me 2010

WorldCon 2008 - Friday, August 8th

Walked over to the cult gym. Go me!

I hit Jamba Juice again, but got the Pomegranate Paradise instead. Perhaps not the wisest choice - my tummy was pissed off at me for several hours.

10am - 11:30am: I went to the Patricia Wrede (pronounced Reedy) reading. Yay! She'll have a new book out next April called 13th Child. She read several chapters from it. Made me very happy!

Mat, Kev and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch. I had a caesar salad and a baked potato with natural buttery blend, cheddar, sour cream, bacon, green onions. It was HUGE. I think I made it through half of it.

I think Kev got something signed by Steve and Sharon at 1pm. More Dealer's room and art show.

At 2:30, Patricia Wrede signed 3 of my books. I missed the Carol Berg reading.

At 4pm, I got in the long line for andpuff's signing. She said she'd probably be filking after 10pm on Saturday. Too many other things going on to try and get there earlier. Also got the latest Kitty book signed by Carrie Vaughn!

While I was waiting in Tanya's line, the guy with the beanie and the pink fluffy on his arm came by. I asked him, just what the fluffy was? I had seen him at the FoL party and hadn't figure out what it was. It turned out to be a pink and white vixen. Cute!

Hurried back over to the Sheraton for Char MacKay's concert. Yay! Terence Chua's was next. I enjoyed his fanboy song =)

Dinner with Kev and Christopher at Little India. Kabuli naan for me! We also had a combination appetizer (samosa, pakora, seekh kabob and chicken), Saag chole, bhindi masala, chicken vindaloo, rice and mater paneer.

I needed a time out, so I crashed.
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WorldCon 2008 - Saturday, August 9th

Saturday started out with the Friends of Liad Breakfast - omelet bar and some pastries. Chatted with Kevin H., Mat, Barbara, Michelle and Valerie Schoen. Valerie was very excited to hear about the independent genre bookstores, so she'll give me a call when she gets out to the bay area. *g* Much gabbing on recommendations of other books we all liked.

There was cake for breakfast! Happy Birthday Angie!

Next up, a reading by Michelle Sagara West. When I got there at 5 to 10, t'was only she and her husband and me. As the room had been switched, her husband went over to the original room to see if anybody was waiting there. There were lots of people there!

She read from Cast in Fury *yay* and also from her unsold YA book which sounded like something I'd buy pdq. =)

I guess I hung out in the dealers room for the next hour.

At 1pm, Sarah and I were at the Tanya Huff reading. Craving pie after the reading...

Got my copy of Mainspring signed by Jay Lake!

Mat & I went to Bubba Gump's for lunch. Got to watch a bit of the beach volleyball competition and the bicycle racing.

4-5:30pm: Short Stories or Long Novels - Fitting the right story to the right form: Paul Melko (m), Steve Miller, Steve Rasnic-Tern, Tanya Huff

Dinner at the Paramount Cafe with Kev, Christopher and Mat. I had the Asian Salad with spring rolls. Wasn't in the mood for a burger like Kev and Mat. Elk? Ostrich? Did watch bit of the Rockies game and the Red Sox game. My A's didn't do well while I was away. *sigh*

Joey, Mat, Kev and I went down early for the Kathy Mar Presents My Favorite Sings. The room was packed!!! So, Blind Lemming Chiffon asked Joey to start another circle in the Sheraton Tower B. Lots of room and it was cool. They'd come get Joey when the panel would start as Kathy was still at the Hugo's. I asked nicely and he sang Ladyhawke. *yay*

Well it turned out that everybody moved into Tower B for the Favorite Sings. Kathy threatened the room that she'd not only ask people who'd already been asked to sing, but she might pick on a stranger. A person could sing Happy Birthday if they wished, but they would sing. Kev and I gave each other looks of uh oh. I was ready just in case. Thankfully I was not called on. It had to be a song that I knew all the words to and it had to be short. My song? "My Bologna has a first name, it's Oscar"... I can even sign that one if necessary.

Sarah showed up for her first filk circle. Two hours later, she was definitely deflowered *weg*. There were some people who'd never heard "Re: Your Brains" *hee* I got to hear two of my favorites from Joey - Blood Child (and its parody) and Cranes Over Hiroshima. =) I was hoping Jordin Kare would sing Fire in the Sky, but he sang a few I hadn't heard before. Heard lots of cool songs, but it's all a blur.

Sarah gave up after 1am, but Elaine stayed later than I did. I gave up around 3am.
Me 2010

WorldCon 2008 - Sunday, August 10th

Stopped at Einstein's Bagel for a lox on a blueberry bagel. Didn't get to eat it until after the LMB signing...

10am - In the Beginning: Peggy Rae Sapienza (m), Lois McMaster Bujold, Lillian Steward Carl and Patricia Wrede. This was a fun panel - LMB, LSC and PW formed a writers' circle a long time ago - LSC and LMB have been friends since high school! Lots of stories!

At noon, I was in the already long line for the Lois McMaster Bujold signing. She was scheduled to sign from noon to 1pm for NESFA and then from 1pm to 2:30 as part of the con. Got my two Sharing Knife books signed (books 1 & 2 in an omnibus because I liked the cover). Also had a chance to chat with Lillian Stewart Carl.

Said farewells to both Kev and Mat *sniff*

Did get my 2nd copy of Breath and Bone signed by Carol Berg. I had to buy a 2nd copy because the first copy got left at home. *sigh*

I finally ate my bagel while Joey had hot dogs. He'd met up with Ellen Weingart and so I got to meet her and see her lovely wedding pictures.

Caught the tail end of Writers Married to Each Other: Rebecca Lickiss (m), Alan Lickiss, Rebecca Moesta, Kevin Anderson, Steve and Sharon. Also some help from the audience in the form of the Hoyts. =)

Said farewells to Steve and Sharon, Shawna and Sarah *sniff*

Snagged a Clone Wars poster for Kyle.

Did a little bit of souvenir shopping - t-shirts for the kids, magnets,

Dinner with Joey at the Appaloosa Grill again - got the duck finally! YUM!!!

I skipped the dead dog filk. My tummy was doing the "not happy with me" gurgle, so I just packed and chilled. Joey was in and out of the room - the last time I think was around 3 amd I did talk to him - but I have no memory of him coming back. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...