August 12th, 2008

Me 2010

Pre-WorldCon 2008 - August 5th

K picked me up at 7:15 and I was at the airport by 7:30. Checked in my bags and met trektone in the security line. Quick trip through - no issues (not like on the way home). Had a quick breakfast at the cafe - the usual scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit and diet coke. After breakfast dessert consisted of several tastings from a new chocolateer that Joey discovered. The fig was good as was the lime! A little bit went a long way for me as it was very rich. Well, I thought so - Joey just looked at me - chocolate can never be too rich as far as he's concerned.

Uneventful trip from Oakland to Denver. I dozed while Joey worked on which songs he would need to have ready for the various concerts and panels. I had put in my requests, but whether I'd get them, we'd see. =)

pezazul and clsinsl were waiting for us at the airport. There was diet pepsi. I am loved. =) Made it over to the Sheraton and spent the next twenty minutes trying to find a parking space. Christopher handled the car very well, both forwards and backwards (lots of deadends). There was supposed to be at least one more level of parking, but the ramp must have been hidden under some sort of cloaking device. Success! We were able to check into our room (3796) right away. Dumped all the stuff and then headed out to the 16th Street Mall for lunch.
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