August 4th, 2008

Me 2010

Pre-WorldCon 2008

Pack, pack, pack, pack...

Well, actually, all my clothes are ready to go, all the wine it ready to go, all the books (well, most of them). It's just a matter of putting them in their proper place.

I'm tithing to Mat deer again.

I can be reached via my cellphone - the number is here.

I had gone through the WorldCon schedule and made many notes about what interests me. Of course, I left the notes on my desk at work. *sigh*

Some catch up -
A week ago Sunday, I finally saw West Side Story - it was put on by the Alameda Civic Light Opera. Wesley was a Shark! Enjoyed it very much! Had a chance to chat with Joycie, Ron, Nancy, Lisa and Michael. Did recognize one of the organizers - Blake from High School. He was a groomsman for Sony & Dave's wedding. It was definitely one of those *interesting* weddings =)

Saturday, trektone and I went to East Ocean Seafood Restaurant for dim sum brunch. Yum... Afterwards, we went to see Dark Knight. Enjoyed it - even though my bottom was sore from not moving. Christian Bale... I've never seen him before. Pretty. *weg*