July 30th, 2008

Me 2010

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So I have between 5pm and 6:30 to finish Left Hand of Darkness...

K, G and the kidlets are on their way to Eureka to visit one of my bestest friends and her family. Eureka... beware! Good news from there - Tadesse has not only been accepted to the San Francisco Ballet school, but he's on a full scholarship!!!

Just finished Patricia Briggs' Cry Wolf. Rachel Caine's Gale Force is next!

Girl candy? Conversation yesterday between cubicles.
J - I'm going off to get more girl candy and I'm proud of it!
D - What is girl candy?
L - Almond Joys are girl candy.
D - Why?
L - Because they're chocolatey and very sweet.
D - But they have nuts.

- total silence, followed by much giggling.