March 9th, 2008

Me 2010


Home from Consonance! Brain dead. The bags under my eyes have bags - it's that bad. It's not fair that it's "Spring Forward" weekend and we lose an hour!

Lots of fun. Already paid for next year's registration because the GOH is tfabris and vixyish - Yay! braider will be there too (toastmistress? interfilk?)

But I really squee'd because Playing Rapunzel will also one of the special guests (interfilk? international?) I first heard them at FKO last year and really, really enjoyed them.

Ack, there was one more guest and I CAN'T REMEMBER. But whoever it was, made me happy. *sigh*
ETA 03:25pm 03-10-08: catalana is coming!!!! - Thanks Joey!

Had much fun - loved the on the spot jam session between Alex Adams and Kristophe Klover.

The Kanef by proxy was great concert - heard a new filk of Yo Ho - hee hee Loved hearing White Unicorn (sung by Alex Adams), Dear Departed (sung by Kathy Mar) and the filk of Pretty Little Dead Girls to Sycamore Tree (sung by cadhla, vixyish, mary crowell and tfabris).

I'm the proud of owner of many new cds... 4 from Graham and Becca Leathers (2 by him, 1 by her as Riverfolk, 1 by the two of them in the ren faire group); 3 of Dr. James (I really didn't know his stuff at all), 1 of Mary Crowell (boy can she sing and play those keyboards); Alexander James Adams' Balance of Nature; Summer and Fall's Last Sunny Day. Oh and Meg Davis' Captain Jack and the Mermaid. I also picked up Heather Alexander's Complete Song Book. Yay!

Will need to go to hsifyppah's website check out her songs and lyrics. Giggled through her and Dr. Filk's (John) concert. Rats, I'd been hoping to ask her to sing that Simarillion song ("I Fell Asleep"), but she'd packed up her gear for the night before I could. Loved the "Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster"

Wow, just loved watching Judi Miller sign. The more I watched, bits and bits came back. She is just amazing - interpreting on the fly and just making it beautiful (or just plain silly).