February 20th, 2008

kids December 2006

Lunar Eclipse

So, me and kidlets went out to watch the lunar eclipse. It had already started by the time we went outside (baths and homework). They had their telescopes, binoculars and flashlights. The flashlights stayed off for most of the time. It was a bit cloudy, so we watched the eclipse through a haze. It was their first and they thought it was really cool.

My last lunar eclipse was seen from the deck of the Gaslight as she sailed around the San Francisco Bay.

I know there's a step on the deck. It's been there for over 25 years. Guess who tripped on the step? *le splat* *sigh* Graceful as always.

ETA 02-23-08 12:54pm: The kids knew about eclipses because they'd been watching Avatar