January 25th, 2008

Me 2010

Ame ga furu!!!

Oy! It's been raining all day long. Been waiting for a break just so I don't get soaked while pulling out the dp from the car. Haven't been desperate enough to get that wet yet.

Guess I'll get the dp when I go to the cult gym.

I'm in the mood to see a movie - maybe I'll go see 27 Dresses or Untraceable. Out of dramamine, so Cloverfield is not in my future.

K & I saw and enjoyed Atonement on Monday. This was K's postponed birthday outing - her choice of movies and dinner. Had dinner at Asqew.

In Atonement, could very much relate to the 13 year old and the elder Briony - the young adult version didn't pull me in as much. Poor Mr. Tumnus.

Did make my reservation for WorldCon. Will be at the Adam's Mark from August 5-11. Was unable to get the con rate for a room with two queen beds online, so I ended up making the reservation over the phone.

Now I just have to make reservations for Consonance and figure out what I'm doing for BaltiCon.

Class starts on Monday - Ruby programming. Got an A in my PHP class. =)