December 9th, 2007

Me 2010

Just what have I been up to? - Last Weekend

I picked up pezazul and clsinstl at SFO on Wednesday, November 28th. (see how behind I am???) Had dinner at Chili's in San Bruno. Have to remember that they're open until 10 on weeknights - I keep forgetting it's there.

Thursday, they went off to San Francisco - SFMOMA and Union Square, while I telecommuted and worked on my PHP homework. Yay for training budget this fiscal year - I can charge hours to work for the classes I'm taking!!! Max is 40 hours. Homework done and submitted!

Picked up lilacfairy and the four of us went out for sushi at Kamakura's. Yum.

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Me 2010

Just what have I been up to? - This Past Week

Wednesday, trektone came by and claimed his Hobee's coffee cakes (one slice of blueberry and one slice of cranberry). Then we went out to dinner at Ching Hua at the Marketplace on the corner of Buena Vista & Park St. It was quite good - I'd never been there - will have to go back as two of my three usual restaurant have closed. We got their fermented black bean chicken, ghan shao lamb, dry sauteed asparagus, pea sprouts (a bit chewy) and rice. I've been eating the leftovers for most of the week. =)

Thursday, I met up with andreal for lunch at Angelina's Bistro in downtown Redwood City. His company had relocated to the seaport area which was 5 minutes away.

That night, herefox and I went to Theatreworks' production of Twelfth Night which was set in 1967 San Francisco. I enjoyed it once I got used to the grooviness of Shakespeare's dialog. The setting was very "mod" if I remember the word correctly. There are pictures of me and my sisters with that kind of "mod" design pants.

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Spent the rest of the day reading and sleeping - I'm definitely sick. Tomorrow Sean and I are going to the Sing It Yourself Messiah at MVCPA. This should be interesting as my voice is now at least in the baritone range and is still sinking...