October 30th, 2007

Me 2010

Good Brakes...

Good thing G had the brakes replaced over the summer. I needed them this morning.

I don't know what the guy was thinking (probably not awake), but he was stopped at stop sign. I'm thinking that he thought it was a 4 way stop intersection... but it's not! He pulled out right in front of me. I hits the brakes and the horn and just stopped in time.

He waved at me sheepishly and went on.

I was very wide awake at that point...
Me 2010


An earthquake with a preliminary rating of 5.6 happened at about 8:04pm tonight. Epicenter was the Alum Rock area of San Jose. It lasted at 15-20 seconds - the ones which keep going are the worst! (Loma Prieta lasted 15 seconds)

Preliminary info can be found here.

Was watching Buffy Season VI with herefox and we just sort of sat there waiting for it to end. Clint's bf had never experienced an earthquake before was sort of freaked.