October 24th, 2007

Me 2010


Oh joy, today I had my annual physical. As my doctor said "You Passed". No needles in my near future, though it is up for discussion again in January.

Oh, I did get my DPT booster. Left shoulder. Ouch. I'm good for another 10 years.

Vampire at the lab had problems finding a vein. She finally did find one on my hand. Ow.

The kidlets had a sleepover last Saturday. I gave them ten dollars to spend on goodies at Walgreens - Kyle very carefully added up the prices of items so that he got the most bang for his buck. His final choices were play money with a bank and a video game. Alani bought more Pet Shop animals: a bunny, a cat, a spider and a butterfly.

We watched Aladdin and they snarfed down a bag of tostitos and salsa.

Threw them all in my bed and they were out within 15 minutes. Alani was up by 8:20 and therefore so were Kyle and I. Breakfast at the usual spot.

K and I did the Farmers' Market and Costco. Then we headed over to Best Buy to pick up Bones for G's birthday. We not only picked up Bones, but we went in and got G her digital camera so she wouldn't have to borrow ours. I really like the one we got - I may have to get one for me - it's the Sony Cybershot T200. Compared to my camera, it has a much faster shutter speed. That's the one thing I dislike about my camera.

Celebrated G's birthday with dinner from Acapulco.