August 9th, 2007

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NASFIC - Day Two

Friday, August 2nd

Quick breakfast at MacDonald's - Waffle House was packed.

I spent the next few hours studying for my XML final. This one was to be cumulative. Finally started it around 12:45 and finished it with a few minutes to spare. I actually needed the xml program - exchanger 3.2 lite - for one of the last question (worth 14 points) and that was on my pc at work - so I just gave it my best shot. I tried to install in on Kev's laptop, but it took too long. I still hate multiple choice questions with a passion.

Time to play!!!

I did make it to Linnea Sinclair's signing at 4pm.

I think we went to the Art show and Dealers' Room.

6pm, Kev & I went to Carol Berg's reading - she read from Flesh and Spirit and then answered any questions from the audience. I bought the book in the Dealers' Room and was determined to read it.

Had dinner at Porter's Steak House at the hotel. I even had the pepper steak. It was delicious. Garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Yum. We were way too full for dessert, so got the slab of carrot cake to go. Had a half bottle of the Dynamite (Sonoma) Cabernet Saugvignon.

Went filking - room was packed, so I didn't stay too long. Saw Blind Lemming Chiffon, a few faces from FKO and enjoyed listening to parts of Wild Mercy. I need to pick up their cd.
Me 2010

NASFIC - Days Three and Four

Saturday, August 3rd

Slept in. Missed the Field of Dreams and the Fantasy Worlds of Peter Beagle panels. Never did find Chris Meadows.

Brunch at Penn Station. We never did get the complimentary hot breakfast which came with the room.

Thorougly enjoyed Tom Smith's concert - was amazed at the many people who had not heard his stuff before and enjoyed their reactions as they heard some of the songs for the first time. I still love Desert Storm. *g*

Wild Mercy up next. Fun concert! Want some of their cds. They did vixyish's The Girl Who'd Never Been too. Sounded really cool with a full drum set, harp, guitar and keyboards.

Got Thin Air signed by rachelcaine and Flesh and Spirit signed by Carol Berg. Didn't get anything signed by LKH this trip.

Was a bit irked that they changed the rules on the art action. Original rules were that things would go to auction only after 4 bids had been made on an item. It was changed on Saturday to an item would go to auction after two bids. Most of the items I had bid on had two bids, but not four. I didn't want to deal with the auction, and I didn't want the items that bad, so I bailed.

Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. Saw Miles - a quick hi and that was it. Kev didn't know that Ruby Tuesday was a Rolling Stones' song. Oy. I was very disappointed with my chicken pot pie. To my understanding, chicken pot pie is a *PIE* not dried chicken goop plopped on a popover. There is a filk in this somewhere - I will work on it. Salad bar was not kept up either.

Read Flesh and Spirit until 4:15am...

Sunday, August 4th

Did one last trip through the Dealers' Room and Art Show.

Thus ends my first NASFIC.
Snoopy Dance

New Cousin!!!

My cousin Chris and his wife Abby are the proud parents of a baby boy. Name is still under discussion. =)

He was born at noon today via a C section - 8 pounds and 20.5 inches long.

All are doing well!!!

ETA: 08-25-07 9:26am:

Welcome Joshua Douglas Kihara!!!!

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