August 4th, 2007

Me 2010

NASFIC Prep and Day One

Foxy! - when I told rachelcaine about "how you'd love her always if she signed your book and that you wouldn't yell at her if she left this next book on a cliff hanger" - she just laughed and smiled evilly as she signed your book...

Wednesday, I got up early, finished packing, did the gym thing and then G & kidlets took me to the airport. Got my snuggle fix. Tire pressure sensor is still not right. *sigh* Long line at airport security.

Flight was delayed due to thunder storms in Las Vegas. Over an hour delay in departing Oakland and then almost two more hours getting out of Vegas. Being stuck on a plane because there is no gate open once and then the long delay because of the traffic jam taking off again is not joyful.

Got to St. Louis around 8:15 pm. Yay Fwish & Christopher! We had a late dinner at Fitz's . Diet root beer on tap. Yum...

Watched the news about the collapsed bridge. Brought back lots of memories from Loma Prieta.

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